This site will be "under construction" for  a while as we confirm various aspects of the 2018 festival but quite a lot of features and events are already in place so please have a look around ...

 2017Festival update ..... we are very pleased to say that last year's event was a great success with very good attendance figures and lots of happy people!      A huge thank-you to everyone who took part, our sponsors, all those people who helped or contributed in some way and, of course, everyone who came along and supported us.  a photo gallery of just a few of the 2017 images below.... 

Welcome to the 2018 Festival website! Here is the overall programme of events - for more details OF events just click on the relevant button below or use the page name above.

                                                Festival organiser: Cheryl Fillmore   01590 644865   mob 07484 34105                                                      Music & website: Steve Adams   01590 642989   mob 07754 842731


Sun 10th June   6.30 - 9pm                                                

                                         Mon 12th June 6.30-10pm

                                                                                           Tues 12th June 3.30-5pm

Tues 13th June 8-10.30pm

                                       Weds 13th June 2.30-4.00pm

Thurs 14th June 8.00-10.30pm

Fri 15th June 3.30-5.30pm

Fri 15th June 8-10.30pm


Sat 16th June 12 -5pm

                                            Sat 16th June 8-10.30pm                                                    

Sun 17th June

Sun 17th June 11.30-1.30pm

Sun 17th June 6.30-10pm


St. Mary's Hall


St Mary's Hall

                                                                                                                                               The Pavilion (Rec. Grnd)

Everton & Lymore Social Club

The White House (private house 

                                               Everton & Lymore Social club

The Pavilion                                                              Everton & Lymore Social Club

                                    Everton Recreation grnd

                                   Everton & Lymore Social Club

St Mary's Church

 Everton Nurseries


                                   Everton Nurseries



 'A Summer Serenade...a classical concert Tickets £5


 History of Everton evening

Ukulele workshop                                   

Polly Morris

   Garden Party with cream tea and live music £3

Music mayhem session

                                   Ukulele workshop (as above)

Folk evening

                                                  The Great Get Together with live music, etc

Capricorn Country Band


           Songs Of Praise

Forest Youth Brass


                                       Swing Unlimited £10 (inc supper box)





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