Our Village Festival

If you wander the lanes of Everton on an evening in a very special week in June you’ll find that music will be drifting on the Summer air. Violins will be tuned, guitars strummed and Morris Dancers, bells jingling will be afoot. Folk may be gathering, impatient for entry, into a soiree or a workshop and you may hear the chink of china as cream teas are served at a Garden Party. Local Villagers, Artists and craftsmen will be chatting and smiling quietly as they unload their fine work ready for display.

The music will range from a genteel evening with a classical trio through good old rock'n'roll to a rumbustious finale with a brilliant swing band. There will be various genres of musicand a few things we can't put a label on but we hope we've got something for everyone.

This is the Everton Village Festival and it is unique, it’s compact, a hidden treasure that like the Village itself fills a niche. During this one week in June the whole Village comes together to celebrate the wealth of local talent and expertise. The bar is set high as the Festival showcases the varied forms of the Arts and yet many events are free and where entry is charged for, it is always reasonable due to the generous subsidies given by the Everton Community Association. 

See you there!

Our thanks to the following for their generous help and support :                    Gary Parsons (lorry trailer); Steve West (folk night); Les Wigmore (sorting out the Rec for us); the Bannermen (Mike, Jerry, Richard) Meg House, Val Altas and her Tea Ladies, (for baking cakes and serving them); Hilary Knox(for the use of their garden and kitchen at the Cream Tea event); Vera Peters( for organising and baking 100's of scones for the Cream tea); Judy Pearce and Ken( Bar management),Gillian Peard ( Songs of Praise)Vanessa (beer tent)

Hordle Parish Council and The Pavilion Association( for allowing us to use the Pavilion and the Rec for free);Everton Community Association (for bank rolling us);Everton & Lymore Social Club (for allowing us to use their facilities);

                                                                                                                                                          Whose idea was it anyway ....?

Some would call the birth and growth of the Everton Village Festival a ‘roller coaster’ ride, a ‘steep learning curve’ and looking back over the last five years most of us on the Committee would certainly have to agree! The idea that Everton should have a Festival came from Cheryl who thought it’d be a great idea! She’d done it in the past aeons ago on the Waterside and was clearly hankering to do it again! Before long, she was joined by Steve, who in a mad moment offered to help her out with the music side of things.(He thinks he’s just the music man but he does a whole lot more! ) It took no more than a skip and a hop and a jump before others joined in with the jollity and then hey presto, suddenly there was a Working Group! This small band of enthusiastic Villagers set out to give Everton its own niche Festival, they knew what they wanted to do, to put on a wide variety of music and art and entertainment for a whole week during the Summer. Everyone could come and have fun and enjoy taking part in whatever way they wanted to. Local artists and musicians, and there are many of them both young and old, could display and entertain.Over the years the Festival has changed a little and grown quite a bit, but that ethos remains the same. There are Festival favourites, events that are sold out in days, grey days and blue sky days, but there is always plenty to enjoy. And it’s still evolving, in 2016 Everton Nurseries came on board and offered the use of their covered space and everyone was amazed and wowed by the amazing acoustics. This year is no different. Come along and enjoy!

Most of our funding comes from the sale of raffle tickets. So please support us as generously as you can. .. all for a good cause and with excellent prizes.

Our Sponsors

We are indebted to Everton Hyundai, Purewell Electrics in Christchurch and Everton Nurseries who are our principal sponsors.

Also to the South Lawns Hotel for their generous raffle prize of 3-course meal for 2.

And we can't forget to say thanks to Carole and Barrie Morgan (Everton Stores) for their continued support  and also for allowing us the use of their premises to sell raffle and event tickets.

Also a special thanks to Everton & Lymore Social Club who not only support the festival by providing the venue for a number of events but also allow us to hold our committee meetings in the comfort of their lounge bar!

The Festival Committee

Main organiser and whip-cracker Cheryl

Sponsorship & stuff Stewart and Music and stuff Steve

Mike the Rafflemeister!

Treasurer Bob wondering how we're gonna pay for all this

Roger who is chairman of everything but especially Everton Club. Pictured here with wife Angie and Barbara who is  the Committee member in charge of enthusiasm.

Pauline, our "arty" person....

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