Forest Youth Brass (free)

Come and support local young people as they perform at Everton Nurseries. This is a great opportunity for them to play in public and a great opportunity for you to appreciate the burgeoning talent in the area. The relaxed atmosphere and superb acoustics of the Nurseries add to the enjoyment so grab a drink and/or a snack from the adjacent Camellias Café, sit back and support the youngsters!


                                                                                                      The Community Swing Band

And so to our finale! Our festival week comes to a rousing finish with this great band who perform a range of classic  numbers. Doors open at 6.30pm which will give you time to buy a relaxing glass of wine or a soft drink,  and find a seat ready for the music to start at 7pm. Tickets are great value at £7.50 which includes a light buffet at the end of the evening.



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